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Please use your free replies with respect to our message rules and they will get through. The whole purpose of the free reply message service is to be fair and give you the opportunity to try and evaluate the site before you pay for a subscription. Please do not misuse the freedom we give you as your message or your profile may be deleted without warning. It's free to send flirts/e-cards
It's free to reply to messages you receive as long as they are in English, do not contain contact details or cryptic request and suggestions to obtain them. Free replies are limited to just 500 characters and are not sent instantly as they are filtered. Paid members are allowed up to 3500 characters and sent immediately.
Non paid members are only allowed to send one reply to each message they receive but not exceeding two in total within a 24hr period, subject to our message volume it may take longer.
Please be sure to follow our message guide lines to avoid your message or profile being deleted. Advising that you are not a paid member or that your message has been deleted or modified is not allowed.
It's free to ask pre-set questions.
Only paid members are totally free to communicate in their preferred language and send contact details to anyone they want to.(see "to create and send your own messages" below)

Basic site use
To see messages:
Login using your username & password you joined with.
Click on mailbox. Your inbox will show by default. If you have a message it will show. Click on it to open it. Then if you wish to reply click on reply top left hand side.

To see questions:
Click on mailbox and then click on Question box on the left hand side. Then click on one of the options provided.

To see flirts/e-cards:
Click on mailbox then click on received flirts in left hand side panel

How to change and receive the new member updates to what you are looking for!

Login and click on search along the top.
Fill in what you want but best if you leave town/city blank. Just put the country and province you prefer or leave blank.
Tick photo if you want only users with a photo. Then age range.
Tick save this search and give it a name like Local or my Brad Pit/my Tina Turner! What ever comes to mind.
Select weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Now click search.

Your saved search name will show in the action panel on the left. You can click on it and see what you have saved and change as and when required.

To create and send your own messages (not free replies)
You need to subscribe first, then click on the profile image and a page will show with all of the communication options available. For anti scam security reasons, paid members are allowed to make contact with 15 users per day and send a total of 50 messages per day.

You will be sent a tutorial on how to upload photos within 24 hrs of your registration. Alternatively you can see the photo guide here:Photo tutorial
Non paid members are allowed 3 pictures.
Paid members: 1 month package = 6 pictures
3 month = 10 pics
6 month = 10 pics

Change the age range to one that suits you as well as other settings:
Click on My profile/pics then Settings/my location in the left hand side action panel. Scroll down on the main page to "Send me messages about members aged ....." Don't forget to scroll down and save the changes you make. New member updates will now be set to the age range you want.

Customize your home page:
Scroll down on the home page and on the left hand side you will see Add Component. Click on it and scroll down further. On the main page you will see the options available. Simply select the ones you want to see on your home page. Birthdays and the quick search box are the most popular.

Is available between paid members only. The chat icon will show if you are a paid member and only when the other user is also a paid member and actually online. Click the chat icon and this will send a chat request to the persons screen. Providing they accept you will both be able to chat instantly.
Hopefully, you have read and kept the welcome message in your mailbox as this contains vital security information.
If you ever get stuck e-mail us at

Rejected Profile Answers!

Unfortunately we may reject part or all of your profile description. We appreciate it's not that easy to write about yourself but assure you it will be well worth the effort, especially if you wish to attract interest from other members. You tend to get out what you put in! Common reasons why we may have rejected your profile answers/description: Too short a description. You need at least a short paragraph or a couple of expressive or interesting lines. "Looking for a laugh and good times" is not good enough! Deliberately repeating characters like ....................................xxxxxxxxxxx or I'm an honest girl, I'm an honest girl, I'm an honest girl etc... Is not allowed. Other languages other than English are not usually allowed. Contact details, website addresses and bad language is not allowed.


Ideas: Going on 60 but still 30 in my head!

About Me
Ideas: Write about your hobbies, work, cooking, humour, musical taste, pets, sport, travel, other interest and where you currently live. Willing to relocate or travel.

About who I'd like to meet
Ideas: Socialising, humour, figure/frame, height, conversation, understanding, varied or specific musical taste, cinema/films, travel, pets, fashion, drinking, smoking, working or lots of free time, drive a car or not, distance a problem or not.

This is one example of the reject messages you may receive:
Not enough or inappropriate content. Your "Headline" can be short but "About Me" and "About Who I'd Like To Meet" requires at least 2-3 good sentences to make it interesting. If you are stuck for ideas see our user guide.

Appear Offline
Selecting this option means others will not know when you were last online as it will not be updated in your profile. Likewise if you are currently on-line others will not know, so it will not encourage others to take a look at you as they may think you don't use the site!

To change username, stop e-mails or remove your profile, you need to delete your account.
If you are a paid member don't forget to cancel any recurring payments via Paypal or Worldpay.
Please note, for those that have paid via Worldpay, unless you have selected your payments to recur when paying, your payment will expire at the end of the period paid for.

To delete your account with us please do the following:
1. Login to with your username & password.
2. Along the top of the page you will see a text link in white called "My Profile/Pics" click on it.
3. In the left hand panel click on "Settings/My Location"
4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to delete account.

To cancel a subscription please follow this:
We have two payment options in operation. Paypal and Worldpay.
Here's how to manage your payment/subscription:
Login to your account using your user name and password you joined with and click on my subscription in the right hand top corner.
If you paid using your credit/debit card through "Worldpay" and selected the recurring payment option, payments will recur until cancelled.
If you did not select the recurring option no further payments will be made. To cancel please log in as above and scroll down to select cancel my subscription and then click on submit. Recurring payments made via Worldpay will now be cancelled.
If you have paid using Paypal, these payments automatically recur for your convenience, until you cancel them. To cancel please login as above to scroll down and select cancel my subscription and then click on submit. You will be taken to your Paypal account management page where you will be able to cancel. (Follow Instructions below)

In both cases you will receive a confirmation page soon after to confirm your cancellation. Please note this procedure cancels any further payments to us but it does not delete your profile.
If you want to remove your profile please ask us to provide the procedure.
As per our terms, we do not give refunds once a payment has been made.

To Cancel Paypal recurring payments:
Firstly, if your Pay Pal account is still in Spanish you can change it into English then you will be able to cancel any further recurring payments.
Login to PayPal using your PayPal e-mail address and password you signed up with. (not your iwant2meetyou details)
Hover over Perfil
Click on Mas Opciones
Then click on Preferencia de idioma
Select English and click Guardar.
It's now in English.... next.....
Here's how to find and cancel your recurring payment:
Go to and log in to your account.
Click Profile near the top of the page.
Select My money.
In the My pre-approved payments section, click Update.
Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click Cancel.
Click cancel Profile to confirm your request.

You can not reactivate a recurring payment after you cancel it.
Cancelling a payment doesn't cancel your profile with us.