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(Names have been removed) A big thank you to all that write in

Dear IWant2meetyou, Nov 2017. Please could you cancel my subscription as I have met a lovely man thanks to your site. Kind regards KJ

Dear sir or Madam 27th Aug 2016 I have met and indeed are in a relationship with another member of this site, and so in the circumstances would like my profile deleted A.S.A.P. as we both feel it is no longer appropriate to remain on here, i know my subscription is paid up till the end of September but would like my profile deleted immediately. I would like to thank you most sincerely for the excellent service you have provided, and should i need similar in the future i will not hesitate to get in touch with you again. Yours Sincerely C B

Hi, 24th July 2016. Thank you for your birthday wishes - much appreciated. I met my partner on your website 17 months ago and I couldn't be happier. Thank you,

Dear support team, I wanted to say thank you and let you know that this site actually worked for my husband and I! We met in 2010 In Spain through this site and have now been very happily married for 8 months! I know there is still a lot of stigma attached to dating agencies and internet dating in particular, but we are certainly proof that it really does work. In these days of busy lifestyles and difficult dating scenarios I thought it might be a great idea to share our success story to encourage other similar people that its' really worth giving it a go! Thanks again R. H.

Thank you so much, both the lady and myself would like to say a big thank you for your help in getting us together. Yours Sincerely

Hi, Please could you delete my profile or explain how I could delete it please. I'm delighted to say that through your site I have found somebody really special. Many thanks,

Hi, Good news! We have met and hooked up in just two weeks. Would you please suspend my profile ( can't be viewed). And let's hope it does not have to be reinstated?? Thanks a lot

I wish to taken of web site because I have found someone on this website. thank you.

Hi Support team. Just like to say thanks guys, this site is great! Just met one month ago to the day a beautiful lady that has turned out to be pretty much my soul mate. So I hope not to be using you again in the near future or at all really, but I suppose you can never say never!! Sounds like a title for a good film that, "LOL". Keep up the good work guys and all the best. Kind regards, A G

Hi thanks for cancelling my membership. I did meet the new man in my life through your website and would like to say a big thank you. I hope you're other members have as much luck. S K.

Dear admin, I would like to say thanks for helping me to find a new relationship via your website. I have met someone and things are going well.

Thanks for sending e-mail re how to cancel membership - I have found my love here and life is wonderful. Therefore I cancel.

i'd like to make a comment a positive one, the security check on this site is exceptional. I also like to comment on the communication level of clients with the staff at the support department, i find them very helpful and efficient. i am very happy with this dating site and will recommend it to every one. By the way do you have any kind of reward scheme for recommendations etc! only kidding..
Kind regards

hi there,
just to let you know that i have deleted my account thank you very much i have met some wonderful people on here many of whom will remain friends, unfortunately none of them turned into a relationship and the only reason i am coming off the site is because me and my ex wife are getting back together thank you again the site is very good and have had nothing but good experiences since using it i hope i don't need to use a dating site in the future but if i do i wouldn't hesitate in coming back to you once again
Thank you

Dear Admin,
Would you please remove my profile as I have now met someone through your site.
Thank you.

Dear Sirs,
I have cancelled my membership and payments by paypal. Hopefully, I have met the Man of my Dreams from this site and no longer wish to be on the site. Would you please remove my profile from the site. Thank you for your help. I hope I won't want to appear on the site again in the future
Kind regards

From immediate effect, can you please cancel my membership of iwant2meetyou, and remove all my details etc. from your website. The great news why I wish to cancel etc... is BECAUSE I have met a beautiful lady directly as a result of your web site !!!!

Because of your website, an Englishman (me) has been lucky enough to meet a fantastic lady from Lithuania.! Thank you so much for bringing two lonely people together, who have now found real and genuine love over the internet. Please email me back to confirm my wish to be removed from your great site. You have yet another great success story !!
best regards

I will not be renewing my subscription as I have found a relationship from your site.
Many thanks

Please note that I want to cancel my profile and membership as of now. I would like to thank you as I have now met my future partner on your site.
Yours faithfully

Hello team!
I wish to close my Account with iwant2meet you, since I have met someone on the site & we are seriously interested in perusing the relationship. Therefore I would like to cancel any further communication & close my Account. Please let me know the procedure for this,
Thanking you,
Kind regards,

I would just like to inform you that I would like to leave this site and remove my information Please, I have met someone and do not want to be on this site anymore. Has been fun will let you know if we get married as we met on your site,

I have tried to remove my profile but cant find the option, please remove it for me as I have started a relationship with a lady from your site.
Thank you

Dear admin,
Just letting you know I will not be renewing my subscription with you and have cancelled it. I never thought I would meet the man of my dreams on such a small site! Can't thank you enough.

Dear Support,
Thank you for the wonderful communication and patience. Unfortunately I am not that good on computers and online dating is completely new to me. Thank you for loading up my picture. I would like to see more members with pictures,is this something I can request?
Yours sincerely

Your site security is very good but has now kicked me out but I am a genuine member, I can't login as I have forgotten my password, please help!

Dear Sirs,
Is there a way to hide my profile? I have met someone on this site and I don't want to remain visible for obvious reasons.
Please advise.
Hi admin,
We would like to say thank you for bringing us together. There is no possible way we could have met without you. We have deleted our profiles and look forward to a great future together
Kind regards

Please stop sending me e-mails! I have already met someone from your site and it's going really well. I do not use it any more so please remove my profile.

Thank you for the site improvements, it's nice to know someone actually listens!

Great to see that you now accept credit cards. I always struggled with Paypal as it's in Spanish when you join. It's only after you join you can change it to English but if you want to send them a message you need to change it back to Spanish! How stupid is that?

Dear support team,
how do i remove my profile? I have met someone very special on this site. Your service has been second to non!

Thanks to you I have met my future partner on this site. I can't believe it's happened. My lonely days are gone!
Thank you so much

I have had a few dates from this site but none were suitable. I have since met someone off this site and no longer want to be on it. Please remove my profile. Thank you for an excellent service. If things don't work out I will come back.